It's Business Time: Behind the Scenes

Have questions about It's Business Time? Get a behind-the-scenes look at our program, ask us any questions (seriously anything), and see what our video platform is all about (spoiler alert: it's where we hang out Brandy Bunch style, face-to-virtual-face and fall in love). And P.S. we might even have some special guests!

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Why us (other than being adorbs)?

+ We have 21+ years of combined experience as entrepreneurs.

+ 6-figure businesses, sold out launches, and the expertise that comes from walking the walk as successful creative entrepreneurs.

+ The knowledge of what it takes to build the foundation of sustainable success.

+ Experience working with thousands of creative entrepreneurs to help them do the work they love.

+ Mentions in Forbes, Inc., New York Magazine, Newsweek, HuffPo and more.


Oh hey. We've been busy.